Message from the Principal

Dear Edsel Ford Parents and Families,

Hi Everyone- On another day where we find ourselves wondering what is next- I wanted to share some information and plans for our return to normal.  Here are a list of updates- I am trying to balance over communicating or duplicating all of the information you get from the district:

  • Most important is the fact that teachers have developed enrichment only lessons- please ask, encourage and support your students so that they continue to progress and learn so that they are prepared when we return to school.  I will save my comments for an appropriate time on the mixed messages from MDE and then thankfully and quickly clarified by our Governor.
  • It is the expectation of Edsel Ford’s administration and teachers that students participate in online learning.  The work being assigned to you is to ensure that you do not fall behind academically. 
  • We are not sure when we will return, but Edsel Ford will continue to provide you with on-line learning opportunities.  As a school, it is important for us to continue to grow and thrive academically.
  • Assignments will be marked as Not Graded, but may be put in MiStar to allow for feedback.  
  • The US Dept. of Ed has waived the requirement for statewide student testing- we now are waiting on the Michigan legislature to amend our state law that requires statewide testing and accountability.  That means there would be no SAT, MME, PSAT and M-Step testing this year.
  • Michigan legislature will also look to relax the Michigan Merit Curriculum high school graduation requirements, teacher and administrator evaluation requirements, and other legal requirements pertaining to school and this pandemic.
  •  E2020, ASAP, and AP students should still work on their content.  Their teachers have shared what they need to complete.
  • The AP test will be taken at home this year online.  Please encourage them to study before they take the exam.  There is no multiple choice, just essay questions.  
  • Superintendent Honors Night (May 14th) cancelled
  • EF Prom May 29th TBD based on numerous factors
  • EF Graduation TBD still scheduled for June 6th based on numerous factors
  • Daily Breakfast and lunch pickup at Edsel Ford from 10am-12pm doors behind cafeteria (Use Pelham entrance)

Special message to our Edsel Ford Seniors – I want you to know that you are a Class to Remember….

Senior year is a time period in life you’ll always remember, and we’ll all remember this particular Senior year as even more extraordinary.  Extraordinary for the circumstances we are under, but also extraordinary for the way we’re making sacrifices to bring safety to all. 

School may be temporarily closed.

Seasons may be on hold.

There are things we cannot control.

But we can control the way we respond to what’s happening in a positive way.  That is where your power is.

We believe in your resilience Class of 2020.  We believe that even when things look down- you will rise up.  

For now, let’s stand strong, yet apart- so we can celebrate together later.  

– Jostens

All my best- Principal Casebolt

Language Assistance for Technology Support

Parents and Students:

Translation services for the Important Information Contained in this Post are available by calling (313) 827-3092)


الأهالي والطلاب الكرام: تتوفر خدمات الترجمة للمعلومات المهمة الواردة في هذا المنشور عن طريق الاتصال بالرقم 3092‏- ‏827‏ (313)‏

Padres y Estudiantes: Servicios de traducción para la Información Importante Contenida en este Reporte está disponible al llamar (313)827-3092.


学生和家长:  如需本贴之翻译服务,请拨打(313)827-3092.


Parents et étudiants: Les services de traduction  L’information importantes contenues dans ce message sont disponibles en appelant le (313) 827-3092


Phụ huynh/ học sinh,

Các dịch vụ chuyển ngữ cho những thông tin quan trọng trong văn bản đính kèm xin gọi điện thoại cho chúng tôi ở số (313)827 3092.


والدین اود طلبہ:

اس اسامی میں شامل اہم معالومعات کے لیے ترجمے کی خدمات اس نمبر 3092-827-  313 پر کال کرکے دستیاب ہیں


waaladiinta iyo Ardayda: hadaad u baahantahay turjubaan kaa caawiyo fahanka macluumaadkaan waxaad soo wici kartaa lambarkaan (313-827-3092)


Genitori e studenti: I servizi di traduzione per le informazioni importanti contenute in questo post sono disponibili chiamando il numero (313) 827-3092)

Technology Handout Day Two – March 24th

Edsel Ford High School will continue loaning out Chromebooks for Edsel Ford students remote learning needs on Tuesday, March 24th from 5-7pm. We will be located at the teacher’s entrance/bus doors off of Pelham Road.

Here is the plan for the Day 2 handout:

  • To get a Chromebook you must be an Edsel Ford Parent or student that is 18 years of age (ID will be checked) Please have ID ready 
  • Please enter off the Pelham Road entrances- Chromebooks will only be handed out at the Teachers Sliding Door entrance–  There will be signs. Dress warm as we will be giving these out outside at this point
  • We anticipate handing out hundreds of Chromebooks – please be patient while waiting 
  • Parent or 18-year-old student will receive 1 Chromebook per family
  • Parent or 18-year-old must fill out two copies of a Parent Acknowledgement Sheet
  • Edsel staff will verify your ID and Info
  • Parent or 18-year-old student will receive 1 Chromebook and a copy of the Parent Acknowledgement Sheet as you prepare to exit
  • Edsel staff will collect 1 copy of the signed Parent Acknowledgement
  • After receiving your Chromebook, we must ask everyone to exit to avoid violating the 10-person crowd rule and keep the line moving
Message translated in Arabic

Chromebook Troubleshooting Tips

If students have issues connecting their Chromebooks to Wifi at home, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the Chromebook (holding the power button is okay)
  2. Turn the Chromebook back on.
  3. Connect to your home WiFi.
  4. You should see a screen that says “Sign in to your Chromebook”. Leave the Chromebook on this screen for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Restart the Chromebook again.

Edsel Ford High School Remote Learning Technology Distribution

Edsel Ford High School will be begin loaning out Chromebooks for Edsel Ford students remote learning needs tomorrow — Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 10am-2pm. We will be located at the sliding door entrance off of Pelham Road.

Here is the plan for distribution:

  • To get a Chromebook you must be an Edsel Ford Parent or student that is 18 years of age (ID will be checked) Please have ID ready 
  • Please enter off the Pelham Road entrances- Chromebooks will only be handed out at the Teachers Sliding Door entrance – There will be signs (Please keep in mind that the Food Distribution will be going on as well behind the cafeteria between (10-12 noon)
  • We anticipate handing out hundreds of Chromebooks – please be patient while waiting 
  • Parent or 18 year old student will receive 1 Chromebook per family
  • Parent or 18 year old must fill out two copies of a Parent Acknowledgement  Sheet
  • Edsel staff will verify your ID and Information
  • Parent or 18 year old student will receive 1 Chromebook and a copy of the Parent Acknowledgement Sheet as you prepare to exit
  • Edsel staff will collect 1 copy of the signed Parent Acknowledgement
  • After receiving your Chromebook we must ask everyone to exit to avoid violating the 10 person crowd rule and keep the line moving
Translated message in Arabic

Schools Plan for Remote Learning

I hope this communication finds you and your family healthy and safe.  Dearborn Public School teachers and administrators have prepared remote learning experiences for all district students for the next several weeks using resources that your child is already familiar with through his/her daily classroom instruction. During this three week shut down, our shared goal is to ensure students maintain the progress they have made and to continue to be engaged in learning. Teachers have individualized their remote learning plans based on individual student needs and their current practices.  Parents play an important role in ensuring the success of their child’s academic success and this plan by maintaining ongoing communication with their teachers.

Remote learning plans have been communicated to families by building principals and/or classroom teachers via the school blog and other forms of communication. Please look for those communications if you have a student in our school district. 

The District will be loaning Chromebooks to families in order to support their child’s remote learning.  Please note that Chromebooks need a working internet connection. The district is working directly with schools to identify students in need of a chromebook and to coordinate the distribution.  The first Chromebooks are being handed out starting on Tuesday, March 17 at Miller Elementary, Nowlin Elementary, Whitmore Bolles Elementary, Geer Park Elementary and Long Elementary. Chrome book distribution will continue throughout the week at all the other schools including EDSEL FORD.  We will place a robocall as well sharing specific details on the technology handout at Edsel Ford once I get a date from the district.. Please continue to follow for more information regarding on-line learning. 

At this point in time, there is no direction that this mandated shut down will last beyond the designated time. However, if schools were required to be closed for an additional length of time, the District is beginning to make plans to expand remote learning by using a common platform that will involve staff, student, and parent training opportunities.  Please stay informed through your school’s normal communication channels (blog, robocall, etc). We encourage you to continue to provide emotional support for your children in this time of uncertainty.

For questions about the classroom learning plan, contact your child’s classroom teacher. If you need support with technology access, contact 313-827-3003.

Wishing you and your family all the best for good health in the coming days and weeks ahead..

Principal Casebolt

Arabic translated message

Dearborn Schools offering free breakfast and lunch

Dearborn Schools is offering free breakfast and lunch pickup for students at six sites. Dearborn Public Schools is offering free pickup lunch and breakfast for students while school is closed for the mandatory shut down over the next three weeks.
Families will be able to stop in and pick up a bag with both breakfast and lunch for each child in the family.
Pickups will run daily from 10 a.m. to noon starting tomorrow, March 17 at Fordson, Edsel Ford and Dearborn high schools, McCollough-Unis, Salina Intermediate, and Woodworth Middle School.
Signage at each site will direct parents and students where to enter the building. Food will be near entrances to minimize the amount of time community members spend in the facilities.
Please note, meals are available to anyone age 18 and younger. Students do not need to be present, and the Dearborn School student does not need to attend at that building. A designated person can collect meals for multiple children. Meals for Saturday and Sunday can be picked up on Friday.
The program will allow the District’s 20,700 students to continue to have access to healthy food. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week ordered all Michigan schools closed from March 16 through April 3 to slow the spread of novel coronavirus and cases of COVID-19. Dearborn Schools is scheduled for spring break April 6 to 10, so school will not resume in the District until April 13.

The grab-and-go meals will be served at least through April 3. Superintendent Glenn Maleyko praised the District’s food service team for quickly implementing this drastic change in service to meet the needs of families. “We appreciate the patience of our families and community as we all try to adjust to this sudden change from closing schools,” Dr. Maleyko said. “More than three quarters of our students qualify for free or reduced priced school meals. We realize this food is important to our families, many of whom may be facing additional financial hardships from the sudden economic changes related to COVID-19.”
Check the Dearborn Public Schools website at for any updates or changes to the meal program or for other issues regarding the school closure.

Online Learning Update

Dear Edsel Ford Staff and Families,

Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding as we continue to truly navigate through uncharted territory.  Our district has worked hard to keep our families and staff as informed as possible. We continue to work as hard as possible to ensure the health and well-being of all in our school and district.  Our next task is to maintain our commitment to delivering the highest quality public education for our students. Parents please make sure that starting today- Monday, March 16th you are monitoring your children’s remote learning.  They should have access to online learning on a daily basis.  The learning is designed to resemble a daily lesson as much as possible despite the obvious circumstances.  The learning is also being developed as we speak- so we will need patience and students will need to pace themselves.  If you have any trouble or are in need of technology- please let us know as soon as possible.  You can reach me at    These are unprecedented times. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

I also wanted to extend a special thank you to each of our stakeholder groups as we navigate this unprecedented situation:

To our awesome students, thank you for your patience. I realize that the idea of an extended break may have initially been welcome news. Yet, the complete shutdown of our educational infrastructure for the next month has robbed you of academic, athletic and activity experiences that in some cases were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Know that as soon as we are able to resume our regular activities, we will do so with an energy and enthusiasm that reflects our deep commitment to you and your success.

To our supportive and caring parents, thank you for your flexibility. I realize that you have been forced to juggle as never before. Pressures at home and work are at record high levels. We will continue to do our best to keep you informed and provide resources and guidance through this challenging time. Do not hesitate to reach out to me or other administrators during the closure if we can assist you in any way.

To our dedicated staff, thank you ALL for your decisive action over the last week and for your continued support of our families. Our teachers, counselors and social workers have answered  questions and concerns from their students with grace. Our administrators confidently implemented revised plan after revised plan understanding that they set the tone for the building.  Ancillary and support staff have responded to this crisis by redoubling their commitment to support our students and preserve our school climate.  Our teachers will be preparing digital supplemental and enrichment activities for our students during the closure. I am honored to work alongside such committed and empathetic individuals in service of our students.

In closing, I want to assure you that we will continue to provide updates for our families as we have information. Please take care, stay well and enjoy time with your family as you are able.  My thoughts and prayers remain with those directly impacted by COVID-19.


Scott Casebolt


Edsel Ford High School