Edsel Ford High School

About Edsel Ford High School

Edsel Ford High School is one of three public high schools in the city of Dearborn. Located on Rotunda Drive, Edsel Ford High School was completed in 1955, with the first class graduating in 1956. Edsel Ford High School was named for Edsel Bryant Ford, son of auto pioneer and Dearborn native Henry Ford.

Edsel Ford High School was founded on the idea that every student deserves a well-rounded education focused on the exploration of the arts. The result was the Humanities program, an intensive study in art, music, and English that included midterms and finals in all 3 subjects. 52 years after its creation, this unique program was discontinued. Edsel Ford High School’s current focus is providing students with a rigorous education in all subjects that will prepare them for life after high school, focusing on academic development and strong character.

Edsel Ford High School also features Thornley Court, a veritable nature preserve within the building itself.  Featuring turtles, ducks, geese and peacocks, Thornley Court gives students an opportunity to see the beauty of nature up close and personal.  The care of the animals is done by students so that they may learn responsiblity and forge a relationship with nature.

The faculty and staff of Edsel Ford serve more than 1500 students in grades 9-12.  The diverse student body is active in sports, clubs, and community service.  Freshmen take part in the 9th Grade Academy.  Academy teachers work together to create a focused program for the 9th graders that prepares them for the rest of their high school experience.  The freshmen are also helped by their LINK Crew leaders, upperclassmen who are devoted to easing the transition from middle school to high school.

All of those involved with Edsel Ford High School strive to provide students with the same well-rounded education envisioned when this school was founded in 1956.  Edsel Bryant Ford valued art, science, technology, and community involvement, and those ideals are still the focus and foundation of the school that bears his name.