Edsel Ford High School

Dress Code Policy

In the educational arena, we as administrators annually assess if revisions are needed to current language for issues such as proper attire.  At the close of last school year it became quite evident that current fashion trends (i.e. spaghetti string tops, tank tops, short shorts and mini-skirts) were not appropriate for a school setting or conducive to our existing proper attire language.  Therefore, we have adjusted our language to meet these current fashion trends.

As with many issues of this nature, we always struggle with language that will be clear and fair.  Our main goal is always to provide an educational environment that is conducive to learning.  We believe it is obligatory that we do everything possible to prevent students from being distracted.

When school opens we will immediately begin the educational process of making our students aware of our position on this matter.  We will not allow students to attend classes who have violated these guidelines.  If, in an administrator’s opinion, violations of these guidelines become habitual, that student will be charged with insubordination and disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct.  

In closing, it is our hope that the parent, the student and school officials will work together to make Edsel Ford High School the best place possible for students to learn.  We hope this letter has made it to your mailbox prior to the traditional school shopping trip.  If you have questions or concerns, please call The Edsel Ford High School Administration at 313-827-1500.

The following excerpt taken from the District-wide Code of Conduct is intended as a reminder to staff and students regarding proper attire for a school setting:

The Dearborn Board of Education and the administration are responsible for providing facilities and conditions that allow and encourage the educational program to be conducted in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, and good taste, as well as safety and cleanliness. Within broad limits, a student’s dress and grooming may be considered a matter of his/her parent’s choice. Any restrictions on dress and grooming are designed to assure students a wide range of dress without permitting apparel which is distracting to the learning process.

The following factors are to be considered in determining student dress and grooming regulations:

  1. Cleanliness and other aspects of personal hygiene
  2. Decency
  3. Maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to learning
  4. Safety in terms of hazards that inappropriate dress and grooming present to the student group in a school setting
  5. Compliance with standards of dress and grooming that are generally considered acceptable in our community and in contemporary society

In judging the appropriateness of student dress, the following regulations apply:

  1. Clothing should be modest and avoid distracting influences.
  2. No tops, blouses, or dresses which reveal a bare shoulder will be allowed.(Sleeveless dresses must have at least 3 inches of material from neckline to shoulder)
  3. Shorts, skirts, and dresses shall not be higher than the first knuckle (next to the fingernail) of the second index finger when the student’s arms are held straight down next to their sides.
  4. Footwear must be worn.
  5. Sunglasses may be worn only with the permission of a principal upon the recommendation of a doctor or health official.
  6. Clothing or shoes which damage school property are not permitted.
  7. Clothing displaying offensive or inappropriate pictures or writing which includes but is not limited to topics of sex, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs is not permitted.
  8. Outerwear, including hats, hoodies and jackets, are not to be worn in school.
  9. Clothing, jewelry, symbols, or other things that may be perceived as denoting membership in a gang are not permitted.
  10. Clothing which displays a bare midriff or is mutilated and reveals undergarments is not permitted.
  11. Clothing accessories such as chains attached to clothing or wallet, studded jewelry or other accessories that could be used as a weapon are not permitted.

Your cooperation in abiding by the district Code of Conduct is appreciated. Teachers who discover students that have violated this section of the Code of Conduct are asked to reteach and follow the School Wide PBIS expectations and process.

NOTE:  Final determination of appropriateness will be made by the administration. If the determination is the student’s clothing is in violation of the Student code of Conduct, the student will be asked to change clothes or go home to get appropriate clothing.