Charity Week 2019

Hello Thunderbirds-

This Monday, March 18th is the start of Charity Week!!  The sale of passports will end this Friday, March 15th.  Students need to purchase a passport for $5 if they want to participate in the Charity Week events on March 20th, 21st, and 22nd.  We have planned many cool events for our students to enjoy during the week!

Please round up the family and join us on Sunday at Rollercade Roller Rink from 2-4:30.   Also our kick off Charity Week Pancake Breakfast is on Monday, March 18th in the cafeteria from 6:30-7:30am.  For $3 you can enjoy pancakes, juice and coffee.  Join us!

Our charity this year, Reach Out Lafond, helps Haitians to rebuild their country through education-100% of the proceeds are going directly to Lafond.  We have started a GoFundMe page.  Please consider donating, every little bit helps!

Thank you for any support you can give during this year’s Charity week. It’s the best week of the year at Edsel Ford!  Go Thunderbirds!

اعزائي اولياء الامور،

سيبدء الاسبوع الخيري في مدرسة ادسل فورد اعتبارا من يوم الاثنين الموافق 18 من شهر اذار/مارس. سينتهي بيع تذاكر الدخول يوم الجمعة الموافق 15 اذار/مارس. يحتاج الطلاب الى شراء تذكرة الدخول (5$) اذا كانوا يرغبون في المشاركة في احداث الاسبوع الخيري ايام 20, 21, 22 من شهر اذار/مارس. لدينا العديد من الاحداث الرائعة لطلابنا للاستمتاع بها خلال هذا الاسبوع.

  الرجاء احضار العائلة والانضمام الينا يوم الاحد في Rollercade Roller Rink من الساعة 2 الى 4:20. كما سنبدء يومنا في ال18 من اذار/مارس في الكافتيريا من الساعة 6:30 الى 7:30 صباحا حيث يمكن الاستمتاع بالفطائر والعصير و القهوة بمبلغ 3 دولارات فقط. نرجو منكم الحضور.

  ستساعد مؤسستنا الخيرية هذا العام الهايتيين على بناء بلدهم من خلال التعليم. 100% من العائدات ستذهب ال مؤسسة Reach out Lanfound. لقد بدأنا صفحة GoFUndMe على الانترنيت. نرجو منكم التبرع؟member=1354266

شكرا لك على اي دعم يمكنك تقديمة خلال الاسبوع الخيري. انه أفضل اسبوع في السنة لمدرسة ادسل فورد

Spring Testing Schedule


Beginning Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 Edsel Ford High School, and all other high schools in Michigan, will be administering the SAT, PSAT, Work Keys & M-Step assessment to all high school students. These exams are extremely important for our students’ and for Edsel Ford’s State Ranking.  The following is the 2019 testing schedule for all 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

Tuesday, April 9th –  11th Grade SAT Testing

Wednesday, April 10th- 11th Grade WorkKeys Testing AM / PSAT 10th grade PM

Tuesday, April 23rd- 11th Grade MSTEP AM /PSAT 9th grade PM


What are these tests for?

SAT- The SAT is an admission test accepted by all U.S. colleges through the College Board.  The College Board has programs to encourage all students to take advantage of higher education.  The State of Michigan also uses this one-time test to rank our students against other students in the State.  This measurement  determines if Edsel Ford High School has made progress in reducing gaps in achievement. These scores are reported on the student’s transcripts that universities and colleges review.

PSAT- The PSAT test is for 9th and 10th grade students to prepare them for the SAT test which is taken during the 11th grade.  This test is a major criterion for college admissions.  This test will give students feedback on their strengths and weaknesses on skills necessary for college study and success.  A real advantage is that when students get their PSAT scores- they can get an Individual KHAN Academy Plan- which is a customized SAT study plan based on their PSAT test performance.

WorkKeys- The WorkKeys assessment measures essential workplace skills and helps focus on building career pathways.  The tests also measure students’ skills and how they stack up to what employers expect from them in the workforce.

M-Step- The M-Step is an assessment that will be used by the State of Michigan to assess where our students rank in reference to their proficiency in science and social studies. The State of Michigan also uses this one-time test to rank our students against other students in the State and as a measurement to determine if Edsel Ford High School has made progress in reducing gaps in achievement. These scores are reported on the student’s transcripts that universities and colleges review.

It is crucial that our students come to school prepared, on time and on task to be successful on these exams.  Moreover, it is important that our students continue to demonstrate to the entire State of Michigan that they are the finest students in the state.

Please keep in mind these key facts regarding testing

No cell phones or electronic devices – These items are NOT permitted in the testing rooms at any time, even if powered off.  Being in possession of these items in the test room will result in an invalidation of the test. They will not be allowed in the hallways between tests or on breaks.

Photo Identification – Students must show either their school ID or a driver’s license when they check in.  If they do not have an ID, let us know immediately prior to testing.

Timed Tests – All the tests are timed so students must be to school on time.  We encourage all students to arrive by 7:15 am or earlier on the testing days.

No food, drink or other unnecessary items in the test rooms – Students should plan to only bring #2 pencils and their photo ID.

Students must listen and follow all directions during testing.   Students must successfully complete all three days of testing including the M-Step test in order to receive their diploma from Dearborn Public Schools. Successfully completing means they must put forth honest effort and cannot just bubble in answers and cannot commit any testing violations.

To accommodate the testing, we will have a revised school schedule on April 9th, 10th and 23rd.  Also, please see the Table on the last page as an additional piece of information.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday- April 9th

  • 7:15-12:40 SAT TESTING  (All Juniors and Seniors needing to test)
  • No PM Classes
  • No MBCC, DCMST all day
  • No School for Freshman, Sophomores and Seniors not testing

Wednesday- April 10th

  • 7:15-10:30 Juniors and Seniors needing to take the WorkKeys test
    • No School PM for Juniors and Seniors
  • 10:15-2:15  Sophomores take the PSAT 10th Grade Test
    • No School AM for Sophomores
  • No school for Freshman, MBCC, DCMST All Day

Tuesday- April 23rd

  • 7:15-10:30  Juniors and Seniors needing to test take the M-Step test
    •  No PM classes for Juniors and Seniors
  • 10:15-2:15 Freshman take the PSAT 9th Grade Test
    •  No SCHOOL AM for Freshman
    • Freshman must report to school by 10:15
  • 10:15-2:15  NO CLASSES for  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
  • No MBCC, DCMST Classes all day

Bus Transportation Plan:

On Tuesday, April 9th

  • No MBCC, or DCMST Buses-
  • All Juniors and Seniors that need to test will be picked up at their normal AM times.  Buses will take them home after 12:40 pm.

Wednesday, April 10th

  • No MBCC, DCMST Buses all day
  • All Juniors and Seniors that need to test will be picked up at their normal AM times.  Buses will take them home after 10:30.
  • Sophomores will be picked up 3 hours later than the usual pick up time and return home after 2:15 dismissal

Tuesday, April 23rd

  • No MBCC or DCMST in the AM
  • All Juniors and Seniors that need to test will be picked up at their normal AM times.  Buses will take them home after 10:30.
  • Freshman will be picked up 3 hours later than usual pick up time and return home after 2:15 dismissal


Let’s go Thunderbirds! Once again – it’s Edsel’s time to shine!

Principal Casebolt

Edsel Ford PTSA Meal for Teachers Before Parent-Teacher Conferences

Edsel Ford PTSA next week will again host a meal for teachers before parent-teacher conferences on March 20.  We are asking families to consider bringing in food that day to support our teachers in what is a very long day for them.

They really appreciate these meals.

See the Sign Up Genius at :

A Letter From the Principal (UPDATE)

Dear Edsel Ford Community,

I would like to provide a brief update regarding the incident involving comments made on social media discovered on Tuesday evening.  

Our administrative team worked in partnership with the Dearborn Police to identify the individual responsible for posting the comments. As we originally determined the comments were not a credible threat to the school rather were made as a joke and shared with specific people.

Although the intentions of the individual may not have been done with malice, the messages sent were threatening in nature creating a situation that was disruptive and incited fear in our community. For these reasons swift and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken both from the District and police.   

Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Dearborn Police for all their efforts to quickly investigate and resolve this situation. Our School Resource Officer (SRO) and our administrative team did an outstanding job of working together to ensure our school was safe and bring closure to this incident. I also want to thank the students who reported this information to our staff and assisted in our investigation efforts. These students demonstrated civic responsibility and the important role it plays in keeping our community safe.  

School staff, parents, and community members are frustrated and concerned by this ongoing problem with young people making critical errors in judgment and inappropriately using social media.  The repercussions for making these types of comments can be life changing and have ramifications for years to come. Please use this incident as an opportunity to talk to your child about the proper way to use social media, e-mail, and texting.  

Working together, our efforts will ensure that Edsel Ford High School remains a great place for every child to attend and learn. Sincerely,

Scott Casebolt,
Edsel Ford High School

A Letter From the Principal

March 6, 2019   

Dear Edsel Ford Community,

On Tuesday evening Edsel Ford administration was informed about a post on social media threatening the safety of the school on Wednesday morning.  We immediately contacted Dearborn Police to assist us in investigating the source of this message.

It has been determined that the posting was not a credible threat and the police as well as school administration are confident there is no danger to the school. Because this rumor was being spread over several different social media platforms, as a precautionary measure, additional Dearborn Police will be at the school on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

Once again we have experienced the negative impact that spreading rumors or making threats on social media can have on the entire community. I do want to thank the students who reported this information to our staff and assisted in our investigation efforts. I would also like to thank the entire Dearborn Police, Chief Haddad, and the Edsel staff for coming together to resolve this issue and ensure the safety of Edsel Ford High School.  

We know our students are safe at home and we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for your children when they are here at school.  By working together we can ensure that our school will always be a safe place for learning.


Scott Casebolt,


Edsel Ford High School.


February 28, 2019

Daily Bulletin 

Seniors: The PTSA scholarship application is now available in the Student Office. Pick one up today!

PTSA is now accepting nominations for the Edsel Ford Staff Person of the Year! Pick up the form in the Student Office and nominate your favorite staff member!

WIDA testing will continue in C-4 and D-10, but they are done using the media center.  Please let us know if you would like to schedule a class visit!

Neon night shirts will be on sale during both lunches and in Ms. Gallagher’s room for only $10. Supplies are limited so get yours now!

Any student who is currently in 9th, 10th or 11th grade and is NOT in DCMST, and would like to find out how they can be part of DCMST, please sign up in the counseling office. There will be a Shadow a Student Day on Friday, March 22nd.

Seniors: Tickets for the after graduation All Night Party will be on sale during Both Lunches Thursday February  28th. Waivers for the party must be signed by your parent or guardian. Waivers can be picked up during lunches at the ticket sale table, student office or printed off the School Blog Senior Information Page. Don’t miss out on a memorable night of food & fun!

Light up the night at Neon Night! Tickets will be sold at $25 for single and $40 for couples during both lunches! Guest passes available in the student office!


Hello everyone, Charity Week is almost upon us and we want you to get involved!  This year our charity is Reach Out Lafond, a non-profit dedicated to helping Haitians rebuild their country through education.  Passports will be for sale during both lunches. They will be $5 and can be purchased through your 3rd hour teacher. Act quick if you really want to attend certain events.  Don’t forget to buy tickets for the kick off Pancake Breakfast on Mar 18th in the cafeteria! There are many ways to give, please be listening for announcements and mailings going home. Let’s all come together to raise money for a worthy cause!

Attention Seniors! Guest Pass Applications for Prom are now available in the Student Office or the School Blog Senior Information Page. Plan ahead as these are due back before March 22nd! No Late Guest Passes will be issued. You need to have these turned in and approved BEFORE you can purchase your tickets for Prom.  


Response to Social Media Posting

Good Afternoon,

As many of you know, there was a social media posting shared yesterday from the Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary in Salem Township. The post was based on an unannounced visit to Edsel Ford by the MDRS and Dearborn Animal Control back in October of 2018, after an alleged call from inside our high school.

After reading the original post and the comments that followed, I immediately called my contact at MDRS and asked why he waited five months to post the hyperbolic story. His answer was, “MDRS does this to attract attention and they do play on the emotions of people for that attention.” The truth of the matter is that Edsel Ford has worked with SRO Krakowski,  MDRS and Dearborn City Animal Control for assistance to ensure all of our courtyard animals receive the proper care – before and since the October visit. 

Edsel Ford has also formed a teacher-led committee currently working on several proposals to transform the courtyard into either an outdoor classroom, meditation space or gathering place. These proposals may or may not include harboring wildlife.  Prior to forming the committee, the staff agreed all options must include a specific plan to provide food and adequate year-round shelter for the courtyard animals. The plan we adopt must be funded and sustainable and ultimately approved in collaboration with MDRS and Dearborn Animal Control’s guidance and expertise.  

The assertion in the MDRS post that “someone tosses food out, and even straw, usually not at all what is even closely recommended for sustained health and survival, does not mean that they are not neglected” is grossly inappropriate when it comes to the care given by the staff member who has single-handedly fed, sheltered and organized fundraisers for these animals. He has gone above and beyond on a daily basis even during breaks and summer vacations when it comes to the courtyards and the animals.

While we value the importance of tradition and history at Edsel Ford, we have been and continue to be committed to the courtyards and our plan moving forward. The animals safety and care is of the utmost concern for all involved.

Again, I did call and speak with the contact person at MDRS yesterday and addressed the timing of the post and other mischaracterizations. He agreed with some points and deleted posts after I clarified some things he already knew to be false. We cannot control the comments left on the post but I would point out many of them came from people who have never been to Edsel Ford or have not been here in a very long time.  

For those of you who have recently visited, I would ask you to reflect on the inside of Edsel Ford – the cleanliness, the mural, the history – and understand we place the same emphasis on the outside, including our courtyards with living creatures.  I would wager that no school in Dearborn Public Schools has been visited more than Edsel Ford in the last five or six years by hundreds, if not thousands of visitors, and not once has anyone raised a concern regarding the animals. In fact, they have stopped and admired them and celebrated them as do we every day.

It disappoints me that many of the wonderful staff and students at Edsel Ford have gotten dragged into this situation when we thought we were working with a true partner who equally cared for animals and people.

Mr. Scott Casebolt
Principal-Edsel Ford High School