Edsel Ford High School

Updated Important Message

Greetings Thunderbirds,

Earlier tonight we shared information with you about comments made on social media that involved Edsel Ford.  We have been working directly with the Dearborn Police to determine the credibility of these comments and they have determined it was a prank and there were no credible threats to staff or students at Edsel Ford. The Police were able to locate the source of the comments and the individual that made the post. This person may now face criminal charges. 

It is so very unfortunate that someone would take advantage of the tragic situation that happened in Oxford to create more unnecessary fear and panic.  Law enforcement, and the District, will use every means necessary to locate any individual who makes these types of  false claims or threatening comments.  This is no joke! Making these types of comments can result in permanent expulsion from the Dearborn Public Schools and criminal prosecution.    

Since the police have determined there is no threat to our school, we will be open on Friday, December 3, 2021.  We will have additional staff at the school to greet our students and welcome them to another day of learning at Edsel Ford. Please help us to reassure your child that the threat was not credible and it is safe to attend school. 

The very tragic and sad events that occured at Oxford High School have deeply affected all of us. We struggle to find words that explain such a senseless act of violence. Our school has many resources available to our students who may be struggling with these emotions and I want to make sure that our parents and students know we are here to help. If students need someone to talk to they can ask for assistance from any teacher, counselor, support staff or go directly to the office to receive support.  There are also resources available online to help parents talk to their children about these types of very tragic situations.  Here is a link to a document that provides parents with helpful tips on talking to your child about traumatic experiences.   

I would like to thank Chief Haddad and all of the incredible police officers who worked tirelessly to resolve this issue in a timely manner.  Their dedication to the safety of our school and our community is to be commended. Again, I also want to thank our parents and students for coming forward, stepping up, and sharing information with me and other administrators.  Please continue to talk with your child about the importance of sharing information with a trusted adult.  

Working together, and keeping an open dialogue with each other will ensure that we keep Edsel Ford a safe school for all.  I look forward to seeing all of our students on Friday! 

Have a pleasant night, 

Rima Hassan


Edsel Ford High School