Edsel Ford High School

Important Message to Edsel Community


I would like to first start off by saying that I am extremely grateful to our students and our parents for always reaching out to us if there are any causes for alarm. As part of our ongoing effort to keep an open line of communication with our parents, I would like to take a moment to share information with you regarding threatening comments made on social media warning student not to come to school tomorrow 

This, for obvious reasons,  has caused many to feel they should not attend school tomorrow. Before students informed me, the Dearborn Police reached out to inform us about this post. They are currently investigating to see if this is a viable threat or simply another prank message.  

Every parent has the right to keep their child home if they feel it is unsafe. However, I want you to know that if there is any real threat of danger we will shut down the school. We are working closely with the Dearborn Police and will continue to keep you informed.  

Thank you,

Rima Hassan 


Edsel Ford High School