Edsel Ford High School

Information on our High School Graduation Events from the Superintendent:

Greetings Everyone,

We have developed a tentative plan to recognize our 2020 Graduates on the following dates pending official Board approval: Edsel Ford High School on July 13, Dearborn High School on July 14, Fordson High School on July 15, and the Berry/Magnet High School on July 16.  The HFEC is TBD as we work with Director Fadlallah and the College.  The specific times and details regarding the recognition events will be unveiled for the public on June 9 pending Board approval. All dates and specifics regarding the events are subject to change pending the current situation with the COVID 19 Crisis and/or any of the Governor orders. 

This is the Process that we followed: We have been working very hard over the past two months to develop a potential ceremony that will give recognition to our graduating seniors. We believe in acquiring the input from our stakeholders which is how we always operate. This has involved many meetings with student groups including the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee, and the Student Council Boards from each of the High Schools. There have been at least 7 meetings altogether with those student groups. School Board Trustees have also participated in those student meetings. In addition, the high school principals have been meeting on a regular basis, several that involved me directly. 

We have been actively researching ideas and following the national and local trends for the development of recognition events. We recently put out a survey to acquire the input from parents and students which was the recommendation provided by the student groups. We have further discussed the topic at two board meetings and I have made several public statements on my social media regarding the recognition events that we were planning to implement. Our High school principals also implemented drive in recognition events earlier in the month of May. 

During the development of the potential recognition plan we were very careful to ensure that we are in legal compliance with all of the Governor’s orders. However, those orders are subject to change pending events with the COVID 19 virus. We will also follow all health regulations relative to the COVID 19 virus. We appreciate the patience and understanding by our students and families as we continue to deal with the Current Crisis during the development of a plan.  

Congratulations to our Graduates!!! We are very Proud of you!!!