Edsel Ford High School

A Letter From the Principal (UPDATE)

Dear Edsel Ford Community,

I would like to provide a brief update regarding the incident involving comments made on social media discovered on Tuesday evening.  

Our administrative team worked in partnership with the Dearborn Police to identify the individual responsible for posting the comments. As we originally determined the comments were not a credible threat to the school rather were made as a joke and shared with specific people.

Although the intentions of the individual may not have been done with malice, the messages sent were threatening in nature creating a situation that was disruptive and incited fear in our community. For these reasons swift and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken both from the District and police.   

Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Dearborn Police for all their efforts to quickly investigate and resolve this situation. Our School Resource Officer (SRO) and our administrative team did an outstanding job of working together to ensure our school was safe and bring closure to this incident. I also want to thank the students who reported this information to our staff and assisted in our investigation efforts. These students demonstrated civic responsibility and the important role it plays in keeping our community safe.  

School staff, parents, and community members are frustrated and concerned by this ongoing problem with young people making critical errors in judgment and inappropriately using social media.  The repercussions for making these types of comments can be life changing and have ramifications for years to come. Please use this incident as an opportunity to talk to your child about the proper way to use social media, e-mail, and texting.  

Working together, our efforts will ensure that Edsel Ford High School remains a great place for every child to attend and learn. Sincerely,

Scott Casebolt,
Edsel Ford High School