Edsel Ford High School

Safety Update

October 10, 2017

Dear Parents,

As part of our ongoing effort to keep an open line of communication with our parents, I would like to take a moment to share factual information regarding a story that has been circulating in some parts of our community.

Last night, we were informed about a student who had made inappropriate comments to other students that included threatening behavior directed toward Edsel Ford High School. Working with the Dearborn Police, our staff immediately contacted the student and his family.

After conversations with the student and parents police were able to determine that there was no threat of danger to the students and staff at Edsel Ford. This was a case of someone not thinking about what they were saying or understanding the implications of their words. However, the school and district will follow through with appropriate disciplinary measures.

We do live in a time where any type of threatening comment must be acted upon swiftly and the consequences for making such comments can be severe. Please use this information as an opportunity to talk with your children about careful use of social media and comments made to other students. Also, on a positive note, this information was brought to our attention by another student. An Upstander who got involved and shared with our staff comments that they felt needed further investigation.

By keeping an open line of communication and working together, Edsel Ford will continue to be a great school and a safe place for your child. 

 Go Thunderbirds!

Thank you,

Principal Casebolt