Edsel Ford High School

Edsel Ford Drives Safe

The Edsel Ford Link Crew will be starting their “Edsel Ford Drives Safe”  campaign.  There will be 2 contests as part of the campaign:
  1. Video contest-  the video needs to be about the dangers of distracted driving, 2-3 minutes long, have at least 3 statistics about the dangers of driving distracted.  The video is due to Mrs Haddad by Friday, March 3rd.  Please submit videos to haddadt@dearbornschools.org  The winner will receive $150.
  2. T-shirt contest-  The shirt must say “Edsel Ford Drives Safe”, should have a graphic image, a statistic about distracted driving and/or a quote.  The winner of this contest will receive $75.  Please submit all entries to Mrs Haddad at haddadt@dearbornschools.org