Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for March 31st

Good morning, Edsel Ford! Today is Tuesday, March 31st, and this is the EF Report.


There will be an Interact Club meeting this Thursday after school in Herr Sedore’s room.


Spanish Honor Society is having a meeting this Thursday, April 2nd, at 2:20 in E7.  Everyone should plan to attend.


Congratulations to the new members of our EF Report Live Broadcast Crew!! You will see these bright shining faces on your TVs next year:

Leanne Abushar

Emily Moreno

Brittany Johnson

Aidan Thierry (pronounced “theory”)

and Madison O’Rourke


If you are interested in Link Crew for next year, pick up your application now and return it no later than April 9th to the front office, counseling office, or Mrs. McAuliff’s mailbox.  Current  Link Leaders who wish to continue MUST RE-APPLY!


Attention all Thornley Court Members: The meeting this week will be moved to Thursday, April 2nd after school in Ms. Lawlor’s room.



The Edsel Ford Varsity Baseball team will open its home season on the new field tomorrow, April 1st at 4:00 vs. Crestwood.  Come out and support EF opening day!


Today’s sports:

Boys’ and girls’ track is home against Woodhaven at 3:30.

Girls’ soccer is away at John Glenn Westland—Varsity plays at 4 and JV follows at 5:30.


Today’s lunch will consist of: turkey and gravy, jello poke cake, and mashed potatoes, plus our regular menu items.


Now for today’s random fact:

How can you tell if somebody is not telling the truth?

Lies are can usually be spotted by these signs: a sudden increase in the number of “ums” and “aahs,” an overly defensive attitude, no eye contact, sarcasm, turning of the body away from you, talking quickly, making statements that contradict each other, or a hand reaching to cover one’s mouth.


Thanks for listening, Edsel Ford.   Have a great day!