Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for Monday Nov. 26th

Good Morning Edsel Ford. Today is Monday, November 26th, and these are your daily announcements.  

Attention! Anyone interested in joining Islamic club should meet this Wednesday after school in Mr. Agemy’s room. This is our first meeting of the year and all are encouraged to come. We hope to see you there! 

There will be a brief

Thornley Court

meeting after school on Tuesday, Nov. 27. 

There will be an Art Club meeting on Friday after school.  Bring your ideas! 

Today’s lunch menu will consist of cheese quesadillas, chicken noodle soup, hamburgers, spicy fries, bosco sticks, tossed salad, cheese rolls, Stromboli’s, chocolate dipped peanut butter balls, and chocolate chip cookies. 

Today’s Random Fact; The lifespan of a taste bud is 10 days.

 Thanks for listening Edsel Ford.   Have a great day!J