Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for Oct. 30th

Good Morning Edsel Ford. Today is Tuesday October 30th, and these are your daily announcements.  There is a mandatory link leader meeting on Thursday THIS week in the media center after school. Thanks, Mrs. McAuliff and Mrs. Haddad  

The boys cross country team will be having a short meeting today after school in room A204, to turn in  your uniforms. Due to the link crew meeting after school on November 5th, there will be an interact club meeting on Friday Nov. 2nd. Bring your UNICEF money! 

There will be a random hall sweep for Saturday school starting today!!! To all students: Applications for testing out need to be turned into Mr. Baydoun by October 30th. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Please see Mr. Baydoun if you have any questions. 

Tryouts for the Dearborn Unified Hockey Team will be Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:45-3:50 at theDearborn
Center. You must have a physical turned in to tryout. Any questions see Mr. Picano 

Students and Staff: Effective today, Thunder Zone, our school store, will have a change of hours. The store will now be open every day of the week, but for one lunch period instead of two. We will alternate between early lunch and late lunch each week. This week the store will be open during the early, or “A” lunch period, but closed during the late, or “C” lunch period. Next week will switch. We apologize for any inconvenience but remind you that School Store is a class and we need to spend more time now on the curriculum. Students are reminded that when the store door is closed we are closed and will not be able to serve you; if you see students in the store it is because that is our classroom. Thank you. The EFHS Instrumental Music Seniors are selling Snack Grams for Halloween today. They will be distributed at the end of 6th hour on Halloween. The Snack Grams will be 1 dollar for your friend or special someone. The Snack Grams will consist of Happy Halloween Card and an individual bag of popcorn. Please support the EFHS Instrumental Music Department, show you Halloween spirit, and buy Snack Grams. 

Donate to first step the project on domestic and sexual violence. Ask your teachers to see the list of items they need and turn items into your 6th hour. Class with most items turned in by November 16th will receive a prize. Any questions–contact Dania Berjaoui or Kelly Mihalik.  Attention boys’ swimmers and divers: don’t forget the swim team meeting Monday, November 5th after school in the cafeteria. New swimmers and divers are welcome. Today’s lunch menu will consist of chicken patties on a bun, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken noodle soup, hamburger, chicken Caesar salad, cheese rolls, pudding,  apples and chocolate chip cookies. 

Today’s Random Fact; The average American will eat 35,000 cookies during his/her lifetime.

Thanks for listening Edsel Ford.  Have a great day!