Edsel Ford High School

Edsel Ford Green Club featuring our Greenhouse/Courtyard

As you may have noticed, big things are happening in our greenhouse/ courtyard. We could not have made any of these changes without the help of our amazing green club students and support from all of you! 

We just wanted to take a moment to recognize a few individuals who have been integral in our mission. Whether it was dedicating their time or materials to come show the students how important it is to be involved, we really can’t thank them enough and want to show our appreciation. So HUGE shout out to the following individuals:

Mr. Golles 

Ms. Damian

Our maintenance staff (we see you out there with the weed whacker, Nancy!)

Ms. Dakhallah (and your community service students)

Mr. Helser 

Ms. Aiosa 

It takes a village, and we are so grateful to be part of this one!

Warmly,Ms. Baydoun & Ms. Potter -Green Club Sponsors EFHS

Below are Pictures.