Edsel Ford High School

German Day Competition at U of M Ann Arbor -Congrats to several EF students!

Mr. Sedore and 16 Edsel Ford Students were able to attend the German Day Competition at U of M Ann Arbor last Friday. It was the first in-person competition since 2020 and it was great to be back — it’s an opportunity for our students to test their German skills in 20 different events, competing against hundreds of students from high schools all over Michigan. This year, Edsel students won 11 awards, our highest total in several years. We are especially proud of our win in the “German For All” category — Edsel has won this event nearly every year since 2010.  This year, our students baked different German pastries and shared them with residents of the Beaumont Common retirement community.

If you see these students, please congratulate them!

1st Place, German For All (Community Outreach)

Gioia Lerini, Lukas Dobos, Diego Reihmer, Henry Vena, Musa Othman

1st Place, Poetry

Rex Kanclerz

1st Place, Skits

Naithan Wiley, Rex Kanclerz, Claire Finkbeiner, Drake Moricz

1st Place, News Broadcast

Claire Finkbeiner, Rex Kanclerz

1st Place, Website

Miles Whitaker

2nd Place, 2D Art

Kayla Munlin

2nd Place, Comic

Valmir and Leotrim Morina

2nd Place, Karaoke Videos

Sofie Lehmbeck

2nd Place, New Broadcast

Jacob Blair, Jacob Kowalsky, Andrew Lovett,

Griffin Aytes, Ian Maness, Eli Richardson

3rd Place, Reading

Claire Finkbeiner

3rd Place, Podcast

Jonathan Harrison and Keldon Cruce