Edsel Ford High School

Informational Letter about an incident yesterday

October 26, 2021 

Dear Parents,

As part of our ongoing effort to be a good neighbor and keep an open line of communication with our parents, I would like to take a moment to share information with you regarding an event that took place at our school.

Yesterday, a student was suspended for having a physical altercation with another student. The same student made threatening remarks. Our school resource officer was on site and met with the student, the parent, and followed up at the home to make sure these were indeed empty threats. It has been determined by the proper authorities that there is no threat to our students’ safety. 

Please use this event as an opportunity to talk with your children about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. In the heat of the moment anyone can make a threatening comment. We take these comments very seriously and follow through with the appropriate measures. 

Our staff is always concerned for the safety and well being of our students and we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for your children when they are here at school. 

Edsel Ford High School  has always been and will continue to be a safe haven for your children. Working together we will keep our school and neighborhood a great place to live, work, play and learn.    


 Rima Hassan 

Rima Hassan 


Edsel Ford High School