Edsel Ford High School

Revised Parent Letter High School Testing Schedule Spring 2021

April 7,  2021

Dear Dearborn Public School Families:

State testing occurs next week.  The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) submitted a request to waive testing administration and accountability this year due to COVID-19.  MDE has not received any response as to whether or not that waiver will be approved. At this point we will move forward with planning the M-STEP testing as required by law.

Any 10th grader who is interested in the Henry Ford Collegiate Academy, will need to:

  • take the PSAT 10 and score at or above the benchmarks 


  • have a counselor recommendation, a GPA of 3.3 or higher and have scored at or above the benchmarks on the PSAT 8/9 (taken in 8th grade -spring of 2019.) 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MDE does not support bringing otherwise remote or virtual students into school solely for the purpose of state assessment.  Please fill out this form if you do not plan on bringing your child in to test if they are currently attending school virtually or remotely. If you are not planning on bringing your child in for state testing, please look for an email from the district with a link to a form and fill it out by Friday April 9th.  If you did not receive an email please contact your school to notify them that your child will not attend testing.   If you are planning on bringing your child in, below is more information about state testing. 

All high schools have been informed by the State of Michigan and the College Board that they must adhere to strict testing regulations. Students who do not adhere to any of these regulations will have their tests invalidated. 

These testing regulations are as follows: 

● Cell phones and other electronic devices must be powered off. We suggest students do not bring them to school. Tests will be invalidated if there is any audible notification from a cell phone or other device. 

● Photo Identification must be shown (student ID or driver’s license) when students check into their testing room. Students testing should arrive at their testing room five minutes early.  

● Students will have scheduled breaks where they may eat a snack which they should bring with them. No food or drink will be allowed to be consumed during testing time. Proctors will notify students when they may have their snack. 

● Students should bring at least two sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers to the testing session. 

● Students will need to maintain safety protocols of the Dearborn Public Schools. This includes wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a safe social distance. 

The State of Michigan and the College Board have very strict guidelines and we ask our families to assist us in conveying to our students not only the importance of these exams, but also the necessity to comply with the regulations set forth by the State. Additionally, students must be on time for these assessments. Students who arrive after the tests have begun will be required to return for the make-up test date.

The following is the 2021 testing schedule for all 9th, 10th, 11th grade students:

Tuesday 4/13/2021Wednesday 4/14/2021Thursday 4/15/2021

11th Graders

7:40-12:40SAT plus EssayDismissal at 12:40

8:00-11:15 ACT WorkKeysDismissal at 11:15 

8:00-11:15 M-STEP Science & SSDismissal at 11:15

12th Graders 




10th Graders
No classes in the morning11:30-2:55 PSAT 10Dismissal at 2:55

9th Graders


No classes in the morning11:30-2:55 PSAT 9Dismissal at 2:55


Makeups will be on the following dates:

  • SAT – Tuesday, 4/27
  • WorkKeys – Wednesday, 4/28
  • MSTEP – Friday, 4/16 – Friday, 4/30