Edsel Ford High School

Edsel Ford Daily Bulletin

February 18, 2021

Community Info/Events

Join us for “Facing Race: My Unfiltered Experience” – a space to share your story around racial experiences with other students across the state. There will be a student panel, breakout rooms, and a keynote address from Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist! To register, please go to this link: 


Even if you don’t participate, please take a moment to fill out the pre-event survey so that we can get your feedback:  https://forms.gle/rxVHbmkdTraggEkT8

Student Parking 

If a student wishes to park in the Student Lot, a $10 parking pass will be needed.    Please print out the form (link below) fill it completely out and bring it with your cash (CASH ONLY).  Passes will be sold in the cafeteria directly after school March 15th through March 19th (1p.m-1:30 p.m.).  If you are unable to come at that time please contact Mrs. Moran (morana@dearbornschools.org) to work out an alternate time.  Security sweeps of the parking lot will begin in April.   

Parking application

Night School/ASAP 

 If you have failed a class 1st semester then you may need to enroll in night school.

Classes started, February 16h. Please click on this LINK for more information. ASAP classes are $50 each. (Reduced from $150 per class due to COVID and use of the CARES Funding.)


(ترجمة هذه الصفحة في الأسفل. إضغط على Select Language ثم اختر اللغة العربي Arabic.) Yasmeen Nasr Community Liaison  Edsel Ford High School 313-827-1535  nasry@dearbornschools.org