Edsel Ford High School

PTSA Message:

Greetings EFHS parents,
Well, COVID has upended so many things this year, including how your trusted high school PTSA works.  From officer elections to recruiting members at freshmen orientation and open houses, many things did not happen as usual in 2020.  (“Did not happen as usual in 2020” could be a polite refrain for this year, if you’re trying to avoid swearing in front of the kids again.)
Anyway, now we need some help.
First, we need some PTSA officers.  We have one officer returning from last year and really need at least two more, three would be better.  Open spots include president, vice president and secretary.  Hey, this could be great year to try it out because we probably will not have too many activities or meetings. If you want, recruit a friend to do it with you – like exercising, only less painful and you can still eat chocolate.  All joking aside, if we can’t drum up a few officers, we might not be able to continue having a PTSA. 
Secondly, and much easier, we need members. To keep our standing with the state, we need at least 20 members by Dec. 1.  Currently we have one.  (Wait, did I remember to pay that yet?)  Memberships are $10 each.  You can pay by filling out this form and submitting it to the school office with a check or cash.  Or, new this year, you can pay a small service fee and sign up online via our store at https://edselford.memberhub.com/.
Remember students can sign up, too, and a senior has to be a PTSA member to apply for our scholarship in the spring.  (The S in our PTA is for student. We are an official PTA.)
Lastly, to help support our PTSA please consider designating us on your Kroger Rewards card.  Kroger Rewards is our main and sometimes only fundraiser for the year.  We use that to pay for our scholarship(s), help pay for meals for staff on parent teacher conference nights, celebrate teacher appreciation week, and provide cake at senior honors night, etc.
Oh, our membership site also has a special offer for those wanting to buy a new Sam’s Club membership.  It’s $25 for the year and PTSA gets $5 back.
Thanks everyone for reading this far.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to sign up to be an officer.
Let’s make this a great year!  Or at least a better year than last spring, which is a pretty low bar, so we can do this, right? Maybe?

Katie Hetrick