Edsel Ford High School

Message from the Principal:

Dear Edsel Ford Parents and Guardians,

First let me thank you all for your patience, feedback and support for the students, teachers and staff at Edsel Ford.  This transition to remote learning has been challenging to say the least.  I hope that things are starting to settle in now and we are good to go until we can return to face to face instruction. I am going to ask one favor of parents and students- it is a common issue we have come to realize over the past few weeks.  We are finding that many students are turning their cameras off and microphones as well during live instruction.  This drastically alters the “classroom community” and the social-emotional support we want all students to get.  The staff and I agree that the best way to engage students during class time is for their video function to be on throughout the class period unless a teacher specifically requests students to turn off their cameras during an asynchronous learning task. Please encourage your student to keep his/her video “on” during class, and if there is an extenuating circumstance why your student can not have the video on, please have your student communicate with his/her teachers. Our goal is for all students to be able to participate effectively in their own learning.  
Stay Safe-Stay Well

Scott M. Casebolt


Edsel Ford High School

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