Edsel Ford High School

Welcome Back

Dear Edsel Ford Parents and Guardians,Welcome back to what will be an unprecedented school year!  I would like to convey to you that as I have already stressed to the Edsel Faculty and Staff- Our goal is to get off to the best start possible for all involved in this new remote learning plan.  That includes students, parents and teachers!  For planning purposes, here are a few details about the start of the year.  We will continue to send pertinent information out as soon as possible – so please continue to check StudentConnect and ParentConnect on a regular basis.  We plan to release student schedules prior to August 31st.

Because we are starting the year remotely- it is vital that we have your most recent and updated contact information in ParentConnect and StudentConnect.  If we do not have that correct information it could result in a delay of student schedule or important information we send out.

In order to get our students what they need to participate remotely- We have arranged for a drive thru pickup by grade levels for the week of August 31 – September 3rd:  We will be giving out Chromebooks, Supplies, Textbooks, etc……

*Also if students have any textbooks to still turn in from last semester- please bring them on your assigned day and we will have a drop off table. (include student nam/teacher name)

Pickup Dates and Times:

Monday, August 31st –  9th Grade Pick Up   9am-12 Noon 

Tuesday, September 1st – 10th Grade Pick Up  9am-12 Noon

Wednesday, September 2nd – 11th Grade Pick Up  9am-12 Noon

Thursday, September 3rd – 12th Grade Pick Up   9am -12 Noon        

The Pick Ups will be held near the teacher/bus Sliding Doors at the back of the school- you may enter off Pelham.  There will be signs and tables set up.

**We do not have a traditional hard copy welcome packet as we have shifted all of that information on-line – Please visit our school blog for grade specific and general information. 9th Grade, 10th & 11th Grades, 12th Grade.

I want to stress that online remote learning for the fall will be more structured than what students and parents saw in the spring after the emergency school closures due to COVID-19.  Students will be expected to attend live virtual classes with their teacher every school day and attendance will be counted.  Work will be graded on a more traditional scale, unlike the standards used in the spring.

We are thrilled that all Dearborn Public School teachers and students will be using Schoology, including lessons taught live via Zoom.  Schoology will provide a central hub for students to connect to all their teachers and find and submit all their lessons and assignments.  The secure platform also gives teachers more control over their virtual classroom, including how students interact during live lessons.  We will make every effort to provide training for students and parents as soon as possible.

We are also in the process of planning a virtual Orientation/Open House. We will send out specific details soon. 

The last item to share is the daily schedule for instruction.  In short, students should plan on being live (virtually) every day from 12:00-3:10pm as attendance will be taken and the audit policy applies.  As of August 31st, students will receive directions and assignments from their teachers through their email for what they have been assigned to work on independently.  Starting September 8th, we are planning for teachers to hold live instruction through the Zoom platform.  Specific details will follow very soon as we get closer to these dates. 

More to come soon- Thanks,

Principal Casebolt

Proud Principal Edsel Ford High School