Edsel Ford High School

Fall Sports Update

EF students – We will be starting Fall sports next week and the information is below.  You will need to make sure you have your physical form completed or health questionnaire filled out and returned.  Mandatory…..Please make sure that you bring your own water bottle filled for your entire practice.  Mandatory….Please have a mask or face covering everyday with you for practice.  
You can find a copy of the physical form at https://efthunderbirds.com/sports-physical-form/

Monday August 10

Football – Coach Lee Grizzel Email:  leegriswold47@yahoo.com. Practice 9 AM-12.  Athlete Check in at 8:30AM
Sideline Cheer – Coach Hannah Dudek Email:  efhscheerleading@gmail.com Practice 10 AM – 1 pm. Athlete Check in at 9:30 AM

Wednesday August 12

Boy’s Tennis – Coach Brent Hojnicki  hojnicb@dearbornschools.org Practice Time 9 am – Noon.  Athlete Check in at 8:45 AM.
Boy’s Soccer – Coach Hussein Beydoun Email: beydouh1@dearbornschools.org. Practice Time  3-5pm  Athlete Check in time 2:30
Field Hockey – Coach Krystle Bucy krystlebucy7@gmail.com Practice Time 6-8 pm.  Athlete check in at 5:30 pm.
Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country – Coach Andrew Barrett Email: andrew.s.barrett@gmail.com and  Coach Josh Wehr Email:  wehrjo@mail.gvsu.edu Practice Time 3- 5 pm.  Athlete check in at 2:30.
Girl’s Golf – Coach Dan Pletzke Email:  pletzkd@dearbornschools.org Please contact Coach Pletzke for practice time and locations.
Volleyball – Coach Caitlin Ball Email:  ballc1@dearbornschools.org Practice Time/Conditioning time 8:30 am – 9:30 am.  ***Outdoors***  This time will change once we have approval to move the activity indoor for tryouts or adequate outdoor practice facilities for tryouts per the Governor’s orders.
Girl’s Swimming – Coach Michelle Hier Email:  hierm@dearbornschools.org
Practice Time/Conditioning time 9:00 am – 11:00 am.  ***Outdoors***  This time will change once we have approval to move the activity indoor or adequate outdoor practice facilities for workouts per the Governor’s orders.