Edsel Ford High School

Graduation Reminder:

Dear Parents/Guardians of Graduating Seniors – The Class of 2020!

Congratulations parents and guardians of graduating seniors!  We know that you must be very excited and exceptionally proud of your student’s achievement.  We are extremely excited to see you next Monday, July 13th for your Personal and Individualized Graduation Experience!

  • Please remember that it is important to report at your scheduled time so the ceremony can run safely and efficiently.  If you report early or miss your assigned time – you will receive your diploma but will not be able to walk.  Graduates must be appropriately attired for this event.  The young men are to wear a shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes, while the young ladies should wear a dress or a dressy outfit and dress shoes. No flip flops or tennis shoes will be allowed.  If a student is not dressed appropriate- they will receive their diploma – but they will not walk. 
  • We want to remind all students that all of these events are considered school sponsored events and the school code of conduct will be enforced. We will continue to maintain high expectations of our seniors throughout the entire ceremony.  In addition, any inappropriate behavior at graduation will result in the delay of the student’s diploma.  Thank you for reinforcing our expectations.

We want to emphasize that graduation is always a formal ceremony.  These events are designed to recognize the students years of hard work, effort and accomplishments. We are asking that everyone involved in our graduation ceremony continue to respect the occasion and join with us in our efforts to have a memorable event.  No air horns, beach balls, balloons or similar items are allowed and they will be taken at the entry door. Please do not bring anything to the ceremony that will detract from the personal recognition of each graduate.  

We are very excited for the senior Class of 2020!  We have been impressed with their leadership and sacrifice during this time. July 13th is their time and we will celebrate them accordingly! Again, thank you for reinforcing our expectations and for supporting your student at this very special time. On behalf of the entire staff, I wish you and our graduates continued success for years to come.  I look forward to seeing you at graduation.  Your continued support to our school as always is greatly appreciated.  

Thank you,

Scott M. Casebolt