Edsel Ford High School

5/4/20 Message From Principal Casebolt

Hello Edsel Ford Families and Students,

I hope that this finds you all safe, healthy and well.  We continue to support and pray for any of our families and community that have experienced health issues or loss.  We constantly acknowledge and support our frontline first responders, doctors, nurses, suppliers, store clerks and anyone keeping us going and supporting our supply chain.  Heroes!!

I just wanted to provide some updates as to the numerous things that have been going on at Edsel or within our Edsel Ford Virtual Community.  

#1.  As you know, the Edsel Ford Administrative Staff, Teachers, Non-Instructional Staff have all been working very hard on kicking off the Edsel Ford Remote Learning Plan since April 20th.  The teachers have done an amazing job at designing and implementing lessons remotely.  As you also know, just about the time we implemented that – we have had a challenge or two along the way with technology – but all teachers and most students are engaged in learning and earning credits. This past week EF successfully handed out an additional 175 chromebooks on top of the hundreds from before the stay at home order.

#2.  As of this past week, in addition to teachers reaching out to students – we have added all of our non-instructional team to help contact students who are not engaged in the remote learning.  They will assist in any way they can to find out what is preventing a student from participating in remote lessons or completing their assignments.  Students must be completing and attending at least 75% of their remote lessons and assignments in order to earn an A and/or receive creditStudents who are not attempting to attend the remote lessons or complete assignments will not receive a grade or credit and will have to attend summer school in order to move up to graduate or stay on track to graduate.

#3.  All students should have received and turned in their remote scheduling choices.  If you have not done so, please do so immediately as the administrative and counseling teams are working on schedules as we speak.  If you have any questions please contact you counselor or Mr. Kotsogiannis – your scheduling AP.

#4.  May is the month of the Class of 2020 at Edsel Ford.  We are big on mottos for things at Edsel- Brand and Legacy, GRIT, Unique and United, the motto we will use for our EF Class of 2020 is “A Class To Remember.” That being said- the Edsel Administrators and district are planning numerous ways that we can honor our Class of 2020 Seniors!! While many things are still unknown as far as dates and events- I assure you that we will celebrate you as you so deserve.  Many things are currently being organized and planned.  We are expecting that the Edsel Ford Graduation will be postponed for the time being until we get specific information from the Governor and our Board of Education.  While I know that is disappointing – I will tell you we are happy to announce that the Edsel Ford Senior Cap and Gown Pickup, Honors Cords, Yearbooks, and other surprises is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th.  Save that date- We will send out specific times and important information very soon as we are still in the planning phase.  I will tell you I hope that you will decorate your cars, wear Edsel gear, and look forward to a happy event as you collect some of the things you worked so very hard for and deserve.  We are also planning a celebration of EF Honors Night, Edsel Ford’s annual Memorial Day Ceremony, and other Edsel traditions that must continue.

Stay tuned- Stay well!!! Much more information to come very soon—-Principal Casebolt