Edsel Ford High School

Edsel Ford High School Remote Learning Technology Distribution

Edsel Ford High School will be begin loaning out Chromebooks for Edsel Ford students remote learning needs tomorrow — Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 10am-2pm. We will be located at the sliding door entrance off of Pelham Road.

Here is the plan for distribution:

  • To get a Chromebook you must be an Edsel Ford Parent or student that is 18 years of age (ID will be checked) Please have ID ready 
  • Please enter off the Pelham Road entrances- Chromebooks will only be handed out at the Teachers Sliding Door entrance – There will be signs (Please keep in mind that the Food Distribution will be going on as well behind the cafeteria between (10-12 noon)
  • We anticipate handing out hundreds of Chromebooks – please be patient while waiting 
  • Parent or 18 year old student will receive 1 Chromebook per family
  • Parent or 18 year old must fill out two copies of a Parent Acknowledgement  Sheet
  • Edsel staff will verify your ID and Information
  • Parent or 18 year old student will receive 1 Chromebook and a copy of the Parent Acknowledgement Sheet as you prepare to exit
  • Edsel staff will collect 1 copy of the signed Parent Acknowledgement
  • After receiving your Chromebook we must ask everyone to exit to avoid violating the 10 person crowd rule and keep the line moving
Translated message in Arabic