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Branding Dearborn Initiative



The community can contribute by completing a survey before Nov. 25

DEARBORN, MI – (November 1, 2018) – Today Dearborn announced the launch of “Branding Dearborn”
at a kick-off event at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center featuring remarks from Mayor John B.
O’Reilly, Jr.

The event focused on encouraging people to share their insight about Dearborn through a comprehensive
survey, which is an essential tool to jumpstart the branding process, and is open from November 1 – 25,

This city-wide branding initiative is focused on communicating a consistent, compelling story about the
community locally, regionally, nationally and globally and creating a positive perception around Dearborn.
Guided by a professional brand and design team, leaders of the Branding Dearborn initiative will gather
insights – from residents, business owners, community leaders, employees and beyond – to better
understand and articulate what makes Dearborn and its downtowns interesting and special. The goal is to
help attract talent, students, workers, visitors and residents to Dearborn, and engage and retain them.

A key component of the information gathering stage is the in-depth survey to collect perspectives from all
members of the community and gauge attitudes and behaviors relating to Dearborn. Members of the
community, whether a resident, business owner, employee, visitor or student, are asked to complete the
survey November 1 – 25, 2018, by visiting BrandingDearborn.com.

Hard copies of the survey, in both English and Arabic, also are available at businesses and public spaces
around town. All entries will be eligible for a drawing to win Dearborn-based experiences, restaurant gift
certificates and products.

Branding Dearborn is led by the West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority (WDDDA) and East
Dearborn Downtown Development Authority (EDDDA) as a joint partnership, and supported by the City of
Dearborn, as well as a variety of community partners, including Fairlane Town Center and Ford Land.
Creative firms Applied Storytelling and Octane Design are leading the project.

“This branding initiative is rooted in gathering the thoughts and perspectives of as many people as
possible in order to create one cohesive story and visual identity for Dearborn and the districts that make
up Downtown Dearborn,” said Cristina Sheppard-Decius, Executive Director of EDDDA/WDDDA. “The
final result will be seen and felt throughout the city through new messaging focused on how we talk about
Dearborn and Downtown Dearborn.”

Visit BrandingDearborn.com for status updates for the duration of the project.