Edsel Ford High School

Eid El Iftar Holiday


The Dearborn Public Schools and Edsel Ford High School understand that the Eid El Iftar Holiday may be June 14 which is our scheduled last day of school for the 2017/2018 school year.  Therefore, we have moved our final exam schedule one day earlier starting on Monday, June 11.  A half day of school is still scheduled to be in session on June 14 but there will not be any final exams on this day.

As a District we plan our school calendars in advance and when planning the 2017/2018 school year we adjusted the calendar based on the information we had at the time which was that the Eid El Iftar may be June 15 or June 16.  We recently discussed the date with local Islamic Clergy and there is a possibility that the Eid El Iftar may be June 14.

We understand that students who are celebrating the Eid El Iftar may not be in session but we must still take regular attendance.

We appreciate your understanding and your patience on this matter.

Thank you,

Principal Casebolt