Edsel Ford High School


no cell phones

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year we are implementing a new cell phone and electronic device policy during Final Exams. Although it is commonly understood that using a cell phone during a final exam is not appropriate or acceptable, we feel that we need to make everyone aware of our methodology behind the policy.

The district has many common final exams which are district wide exams. This means that every student in the district will be taking the same test for a particular class. Almost all cell phones and or electronic devices now have photography and video recording capabilities that can be transmitted instantly with a tap of a button over social media. This capability makes it imperative that we take action to keep the testing environment and questions secure. Implementing this policy now will also be good training for our students to prepare for the strict testing guidelines concerning cell phones on upcoming State Standardized Testing.

New Cell Phone Policy During Exams
No cell phones will be allowed to be used during an exam period. Phones should be left in a student’s locker or turned off and out of sight during an exam. If a student takes out their cell phone or their phone rings during an exam for any reason without permission or direction of the teacher, they can be excused from the exam and will only receive credit for what has been completed on the exam up to that point.

Students will be allowed to use their phones or electronic devices before exams and during the break period between exams.

If a parent needs to contact a student during an exam we recommend that the parent call the school instead of texting or calling their student. We will deliver any message you may need to send to your student. In the case of an emergency, we always recommend calling the school first for an expedited response.

We appreciate your support and effort to create the best testing environment possible for our students during their finals.

Thank you,

Principal Casebolt