Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for Feb. 16th

Good morning, Edsel Ford! Today is Monday, February 16th, and these are your daily announcements.


This Wednesday, February 18th, is a late start Wednesday. The day will start at 8:25.  Students who arrive on the bus at the regular time will go to the cafeteria until the 8:20 bell.


The NHS induction ceremony has been changed to Thursday, March 12th at 6:30 p.m.  Please check your emails.


There will be a Teens for Christ meeting this Wednesday, February 18th in room A2.


The First Black and White Dance will be held on Friday the 27th.  Tickets will be sold at both lunches for only 7 dollars. They will only be on sale until February 25th so make sure to BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY!!


Girls soccer tryouts will be held on March 9th and a timed three mile run will be completed. In order to be prepared for tryouts and the season, conditioning will be after school Monday through Thursday. It is very important that you are there, so try to make it!


There will be an Islamic Club meeting this Wednesday, February 18th with a great guest speaker. Everyone is welcome.


Juniors interested in after school ACT/MME prep come to room F-5 and sign up with Mrs. Katzman.  Sessions will run this Tuesday and Wednesday, February 17 and 18th.



There will be a boys’ golf team meeting in the cafeteria at 2:20 today after school.  Anyone interested in golfing must be there to pick up golf information at that time.


Reminder to all athletes:  you must have a sports physical on file to try out for spring sports.


Application forms for Juniors who would like to be a member of the EF Report Crew are available in the Library Media Center only until the end of February.


This year’s Sponge will be held on Friday, March 13th from 7-10 pm. Guest Passes and ID’s will be required at the door. Tickets will be sold throughout the month of February at both lunches by class officers:   $40 per couple and $25 for singles. Guest pass applications for Sponge are available in the student office. Your completed guest pass must be turned in to the student office no later than March 6th—NO EXCEPTIONS!

 If you owe a fine or have been suspended in or out of school for any reason during the second semester, you will not be allowed to attend the Sponge Dance.



Now for today’s sports:

Girls Gymnastics is home at 7 pm against Plymouth High School.


Today’s lunch will consist of:

Chili, potato wedges, chicken noodle soup, Johnny cake, spicy fries, cheese rolls, chocolate chip cookies, and stombolis.


And now for today’s random fact:

Owls are the only bird that can see the color blue.


Thanks for listening, Edsel Ford. Have a great day!