Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for December 4th

Good morning, Edsel Ford.  Today is Thursday, December 4th, and these are your daily announcements.


We have a Tin Can Raffle sponsored by the EFHS Crescendo Club that is in support of the Performing Arts Department.  Tickets will be sold during the day at EFHS on 12/5, 12/11, 12/12, 12/15, 12/16, 12/17, 12/18 and winner will be announced/contacted 12/19.  Please contact the music office numbers: 313-827-1553 or 313-827-1554 if you are interested in purchasing tickets.


Any student interested in playing chess after school,  please see Mr. Scott in room D1.


Attention 11th and 12th grade students: if you are considering joining any of the armed forces after graduation, see your counselor regarding the upcoming ASVAB assessment. Please contact your counselor by Thursday, Dec. 11th.


The following colleges will soon be hosting visits in our building, so sign up in the counseling office if you’re interested:


Schoolcraft on December 16th at 12:20

And Davenport University on December 11th at 12:15


The competition among  Edsel, Dearborn, and Fordson continues to see who can bring in the most canned goods until December 16th. You can drop them off in the counseling office, the front office, or in Mrs. McAuliff’s office in the 9th grade academy. If you want to donate money instead, 50 cents will equal one can of food. The real winners will be the people who are in need of food for the holidays. Come on Edsel… show how much you can give to others.


From now until December 16th, any fine money paid by students in the Library Media Center will be donated to the canned goods fund. Accomplish two goals at the same time: pay your fines and donate to the canned goods fund!


There will be a student council and class officer meeting right after school today, Thursday, in C-3.


Attention all students hot news from the yearbook staff, you need to listen up:

First of all,  yearbooks are now on sale for $70 from any yearbook staffer or in E-12. They are $75 with name stamping. Now is the time to buy your yearbook since we are NOT ordering extras for the end of the year. WE REPEAT, WE ARE NOT ORDERING EXTRA YEARBOOKS TO SELL AT THE END OF THE YEAR due to high costs. You may purchase a yearbook before the end of January if you want to have this year’s memories. All yearbooks will be presold.


Secondly, seniors, because of public demand, we are again accepting baby ads. They are $75 for a quarter page with two pictures and will accepted until Jan. 16. Pick up forms in E-12


And finally, All Students- You have an opportunity to guarantee a spot in this year’s yearbook for you and all your buddies. Buddy ads can be purchased for $75 for a quarter page ad with 2 pictures or full page ad for 200 with up to 6 pictures. Pick a form up in E-12 it must be in by Jan 16.


Now for today’s sports:



Today’s lunch will consist of:

Cheese, veggie, and pepperoni pizza, cream of broccoli soup, hamburgers, cheese rolls, spicy fries, pasta salad, strombolis, milk shakes, and cookies.


Today’s random fact is:

CNN has reported that 10% of Americans are on food stamps, which is the highest percentage ever. This equals about 30 million people.

Thanks for listening Edsel Ford. Have a great day!