Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for May 9th

Good morning Edsel Ford today is Friday, May 9th and these are your daily announcements. 

Detentions are no longer held on Thursdays, instead they will  be on Monday – Wednesday from 2:25-3:10 and Friday 6:30 am to 7:15 am. 

Seniors: A $1,000 Elder Foundation Scholarship for high school seniors is available. The scholarship was created to encourage students to think responsibly and to be aware of world events and conditions that undermine the human dignity of civilian populations. There is no minimum GPA required to be eligible for the scholarship. For more information, please see Mr. Baydoun in the counseling office. The deadline is Tuesday, May 13th. 

To all Students: The Yemeni American Public Affairs Council is sponsoring their 4th annual YAPAC Career Fair tomorrow from  1:00pm- 4:00pm, At

Community College. This event is for high school and college students. Students are highly encouraged to come with questions and discuss them with nurses, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and more professionals. For more information, students can email the council at
career.fair@yahoo.com. Also, there will be transportation available for students from two different locations in the South end. Please see Mr. Baydoun in the counseling office for more information.

Attention all students: 

Center materials are due by Friday, May 23 (or earlier).

Attention French NHS members: there will be an hour long meeting after school on May 19th.   We will be rehearsing for the induction ceremony. Please plan on attending. 

Students Testing Out: Students taking Arabic 3 and 4 and Arabic 5 and 6 will be taking the test on Tuesday, May 13th at 3:00pm sharp in the Fordson Cafeteria. Please see Mr. Baydoun in the counseling office if you have any questions. 

Cheerleading clinics for the 2008-09 football and basketball seasons will be held as follows: 

            Tuesday, May 13th and Wednesday, May 14th from 6 to 8 pm in the Main Gym.  The tryout will be in the Main Gym Friday, May 16th from 6pm until we finish.  Please remember you MUST have your physical turned in to participate in the clinics.  See Ms. Shooshanian in F9 before or after school if you have any questions. 

Today’s sports are as follows:Girls JV Soccer will be away at
Southgate at 4, and Varsity will be at 5:30
For this weekend,Boys and Girls Varsity track will be having there All Area Meet,And for Girls Varsity Softball will be playing in the City Tournament. 

Today’s lunch will consist of:Fish fillet with bun, tri-angular potatoes, tomato soup, hamburgers, tossed salad, Greek salad, cheese roll, Stromboli’s, nachos and cheese with meat and cookies. 

Today’s Random Fact:One in three people will contract cancer, and one in four will die from the disease. 

Thank you to our graduating seniors who have worked on the EF Report this year:  Nicole Kolts, Ashely Levin, John Downey, John Denyer,  and Matt Bannon.  Best wishes to them and to all of our graduating seniors. 

Thanks for listening, Edsel Ford.  Have a great day!