Edsel Ford High School

Daily Bulletin: March 8, 2010

EF Report

Monday March 8, 2010

Attention 11th graders:

Your MME journey begins tomorrow, March 9th.  Please report to the cafeteria at 7:20 a.m. with these supplies:

–          2 soft lead #2 pencils with good erasers

–          Acceptable photo ID = school ID, driver’s license or passport

–          A calculator that you are comfortable with; including “fresh” batteries.  (If you are   borrowing from a Math teacher, do this Monday after school!)

–          A watch if you wish to pace yourself

Remember that all 3 days are important.  While the ACT measures college readiness, your proficiency on the WorkKeys/MME proves your employability and indicates mastery of High School Content Expectations.  Be prepared and give your best effort since these scores are a requirement for graduation as well as an integral part of your permanent record !

Attention 9th and 10th graders:

 The EXPLORE and PLAN tests identify student aptitudes and help our staff develop appropriate individual coursework and career planning.  Both tests help to identify student strengths and weaknesses in comprehension and problem solving skills.  Increasing your scores from EXPLORE and PLAN and ACT, documents your academic ability and persistence for colleges and future employers.  Keep your eyes on the future; be on time and prepared this Thursday morning (March 11th) .  These scores ALSO become part of your permanent record and course placement, so be sure to give your best effort! 

All girls interested in trying out for the girls soccer team should attend conditioning after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and meet in the gym. Tryouts will be held on March 15th so come run and be prepared for the season!

Seniors: Need money for school? The Dearborn Rotary will be awarding up to fourteen Otto Rowen scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to be used for continuing education either at college, technical school or an apprenticeship. If you are a current student in a business, medical, family & consumer science, hospitality, or a Tech Ed class, ask your teacher for information or see your counselor. Application is due to the CTE office by Friday, March 26th, 2010.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the EF Report live broadcast crew for the next school year, pick up an application in the Main Office.


Have you been thinking about taking classes at the Michael Berry Career Center next year? If so, you can hear about your choices on Friday March 23. There will ne 2 presentations – one during 2nd hour and another during 5th hour. You can choose one by signing up in the counseling office. Report to your class first for attendance. You may only sign yourself, not your friends.

Students: Only students who are testing on Wednesday and Thursday morning will be served lunch. No lunch will be served on Tuesday. Thank you.

There will be NO ASAP class on Tuesday March 9th. Classes will resume on Wednesday March 10th.

DODGEBALL IS HERE! It will be on March 17 and 18, in the big gym from 3-5:30. To sign up, go to see Mrs. Haddad or Nadia Ourchane. It will be $25 per team with 8-10 team members. Include a list of all the team members when signing up/ There will also be a mandatory meeting on Tuesday Match 16, at least one team member should be there. Come Play!

Congrats to all students who took the Princeton Review practice ACT on 2/20/10. There were 146 students who gave up sleeping in on a Saturday morning to “keep their eyes on the future!” Every Edsel student who completed the test will be eligible to win the raffle prizes. The drawing will be held at the scores back session in the cafeteria at 7pm on Tuesday March 9th. Students are welcome to bring their parents and middle school siblings to this very informative meeting.

Attention all Spanish NHS members: There will be a mandatory meeting on Thursday, March 11 after school.

Sponge tickets will be on sale in both lunches until the day of the dance, Friday, March 19.

Reminder: No SMART bus on ½ days.

Today’s Sports are:

No events are scheduled for today.

Todays lunch is cheese quesadillas, Spanish rice, and chicken noodle soup.

Random Fact of the Day: It would take 11 Empire State Buildings, stacked one on top of the other, to measure the Gulf of Mexico at its deepest point.