Edsel Ford High School

Daily Bulletin: January 7, 2010

There will be an Islamic club meeting Monday, January 11th in room A1


Students who need to take ASAP classes after school 2nd semester: Registration will continue this week. Registration forms will be available all week during lunch. Mr. Blessing and Mr. Farhat will be available to answer questions about ASAP scheduling and class offerings during both lunch periods.


All class officers AND student council officers: There will be a student coordination council meeting next Wednesday, Jan. 12th in room C-3 immediately after school.


All students: Do you have a talent you want the school to know about? Then come try out for this year’s Benefit Show. The show will be sponsoring the Dearborn Animal Shelter. The more people, the more help we can give them. Auditions will take place next Friday, Jan. 15th in the auditorium.


Today’s Sports are:

Boys Varsity Swimming home against Thurston HS @ 6:30pm


Today’s lunch is: stuffed crust pizza and chocolate pudding.


Random Fact of the Day: The dot above lowercase “i” and “j” is called the “tittle”.