Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for June 9th

Good morning, Edsel Ford! Today is Tuesday, June 9th, and these are your daily announcements.


Attention all class officers:  There will be a mandatory meeting in Mr. Tyler’s room after school on Wednesday.  We will discuss Homecoming and set our calendar for next year.


 Juniors: Anyone who ordered a senior class t-shirt, please give your $10 to any of the class officers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: Nadia Ourchane, Emily Moreno, Chloe Dudzinski, Rachel Rye, Nicole Williamson, or Danielle Cowart!   If you did not pick up your shirt after school yesterday,  class officers will be at both lunches passing them out on Tuesday. You will not receive a shirt until you have paid!


Attention all students: TODAY (Tuesday) will be the last day that students will be allowed to bring backpacks on the bus.  Beginning on Wednesday, NO backpacks will be allowed on the bus or in school at all, for any students.


Attention all students:  There is a mandatory summer reading list for all English Language Arts classes.  Students are expected to read at least one of the novels from their grade level list, although it is suggested that you read both of the novels.  Students will be evaluated on these novels during the first week of school.  The novel titles are:


          9th grade:  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (by Mark Twain)

                             Star Girl (by Jerry Spinelli)

          10th grade: Farewell to Manzanar (by James D. Houston)

                             Hiroshima (by John Hersey)

11th grade:  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (by Maya                                             Angelou)

                   Of Mice and Men (by John Steinbeck)

12th grade:  Captains Courageous (by Rudyard Kipling)

                   Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte)


Future AP Gov and AP European History students may pick up their summer work from Mr. K in room B-9. You must turn in your course expectations form in order to get your work!


All future AP US History students: You only have 5 days left to pick up your AP work. You have a test the second day of school, and without this information, you will not pass the test. Please stop by Mr. Whalen’s room, B8,  to get your summer work ASAP!  Failure to do so will lead to your tears, not mine.  


Attention all athletes: Physical forms are available for the 2009/2010 school year. You can pick up a form from Mr. Picano or the main office. Please get your physical form before the end of this school year.  This is a reminder that you must have a completed physical form by the first day of try-outs. No physical = no try-outs and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Students, keep all of the great memories of this year in the palms of your hands for the rest of your lives. Be sure to pick up a copy of the 2009 yearbook for $80 in room E12. There are only about 10 left to purchase so don’t wait any longer! Also, there are extra signing pages available to stick in your yearbooks for only $2. See Ms. Beck for your books and pages today.


Ninth and tenth graders: Have you kept your “Eyes on the Future”?   Don’t misplace your EXPLORE and PLAN score reports over the summer.  The suggestions for improvement are an important part of your summer HOMEWORK!  Spending twenty minutes a day using suggestions can positively impact your GRADES and STANDARDIZED test scores next year!  “Eyes on the future”  raffle prize winners will be revealed at lunch today, June 9th.   Look for your name on the big posters and come to collect your prize!


Fines for textbooks or materials that have not been returned must be paid in the main office immediately. Your report card and next semester’s schedule may be held until this matter is resolved.


Today’s lunch will consist of: chicken patties, French fries, cheese rolls, and yogurt, plus our usual menu items. 


Good luck on your final exams, Edsel Ford!


Thanks for listening, Edsel Ford.   Have a safe and fun summer!