Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for Jan. 23rd

Good morning, Edsel Ford.  Today is Thursday, January 22nd, and these are your daily announcements.


Students – this is a reminder that you are to exit the building no later than 2:30 unless you are supervised by a teacher in an after-school activity.  Students who are staying after school for personal reasons will be dealt with as violating the student code of conduct for loitering.


French NHS members:  there will be an important practice today (Jan. 22) for Salina next Wednesday (Jan. 28).  All members must be present.


EF Book Club members:  please attend the luncheon meeting in the LMC on Friday, Jan. 23 after exams.  $2 for lunch will be due to Mrs. Aloe or Madeline before Friday morning.   Remember, you must have your own transportation home – there will not be a late bus.


Students, do you have great teacher that you’d like to nominate for the “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” Award?  The deadline is tomorrow.  Nomination forms and directions are on the Dearborn Schools.org web page.


Edsel: be prepared for our first semi-formal Black and White Ball on Feb. 27th from 7-9:30 in the big gym. Tickets will be sold during the month of February.


If you need to make up classes, consider signing up for A.S.A.P.!   The “After School Accelerated Program” has been designed to help students succeed who are deficient in credits for graduation.  You can take 2 classes, either Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday and Friday for $150 per class.  The deadline to register is tomorrow.  Late registration begins on Jan. 26 with an additional $30 charge.  See your counselor !


Students: Return all overdue books to the LMC and pay your late fines and printing charges right away, or your schedule for next semester will be held. Also, the LMC will be closed for inventory during the actual final exam hours.


 Yearbooks are now on sale for $70 from any yearbook staffer or in E-12 until the end of January.


Students because of the snow day, the yearbook class will accept baby and buddy ads until the end of the week.



Now for today’s sports:

Girls’ Basketball is home against Monroe at 3:30, 5:30, and 7.

Boys basketball is away at Livonia Churchill at 4, 5:30, and 7.

Boys’ swimming is home against Southgate Anderson at 6:30.


Now for today’s lunch: 

Cheese, pepperoni, and veggie pizza, hamburgers, soup, sherbert, salads, and sandwiches


Now for today’s random fact:

Seniors: tomorrow marks the last day of this semester. This means we have completed 7 out of 8 semesters, or 88%, of high school at Edsel Ford. Only one semester to go!!


Thanks for listening Edsel Ford. Have a great day!