Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for April 29th

Good morning Edsel Ford today is Tuesday, April 29th and these are your daily announcements. 

Students will be dismissed Friday, May 2nd at 10:30.  You will meet with your 4th, 5th and 6th hour classes in the morning. 

The Islamic Club will have an informational talk about Islam at 2:30 Thursday, May 1st in the

Center.  There will be a guest speaker.  Everyone is welcome.

To All Seniors: One Edsel Ford senior will have a chance to win a
Michigan First Credit Union Scholarship worth $1,000.00.   Students only need to put $5.00 into the credit union for a chance to win the $1,000.00 scholarship.   Please stop by the counseling office and see Mr. Baydoun for more information. The deadline for the scholarship is tomorrow, April 30th.

Seniors:  Guest passes for prom must be turned in by today! Guest passes are $5.  No exceptions! See Senora Chavez and Karla Malec if you have any questions.   

Prom tickets are NO LONGER on sale.  The last day to purchase tickets was Friday.  Any questions – see Senora Chavez. 

Prom invitations will be handed out during lunch.  Students must sign the prom contracts before receiving the invitation.  Any Edsel Ford student going to prom MUST sign the contract – no exceptions. Only guests  NOT FROM EDSEL will be excused from signing the contract.  That means we need a contract signed from the senior that purchased the tickets and their date—if the date is an Edsel Ford student. 

All boys track athletes:  if you have not taken care of your pay-to-play funds or given Mr. Picano your waiver form, please do so before the end of the day.  If you do not do this, please inform Coach Tyler or Coach Machak so we can adjust our meet line-up accordingly. 

Attention German NHS members:  There will be an after-school meeting in the German room TODAY, April 29, to plan for Froolingsfest (Spring Festival) on May 15th. 

There will be a Teens for Christ meeting on Thursday, May 1st in Mr. Mayoros’ room, A-2.  We hope to see you there! 

Attention seniors: it’s time to apply for the PTSA Scholarship.  The PTSA will be awarding two $500 scholarships.Seniors can pick up an application in the counseling office, the deadline is Friday, May 2nd. 

Attention students who want to run for Class of 2010 and 2011 Officers:  You must pick up applications in the Student Office.  There are six officers for each of the two classes.  If you are currently a junior, you may run for one of the four Student Council positions.  You must read and meet the criteria to make sure you are eligible to run for office.  These applications are due back to Mr. Tyler in room C-3 no later than May 6th. 

Today’s lunch menu will consist of  chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken noodle soup, hamburger, chicken wrap sandwiches, chicken Caesar salad, cheese roll, apple crisp and cookies. 

Today’s sports are:Boys’ Track at Redford
Union at 3:30
Girls’ Track at
Dearborn High at 3:30
Boys’ Golf at Thurston at 3:30 



Cedrick: This is the very first edition of What’s up Edsel Ford, with Cedrick B. I’m your host Cedrick and that was just a sample of Google Me Baby by Teyana Taylor, who is a new singer/rapper blowing up on the scene. 


Today is April 29th and you know what’s really been on my mind lately, the weather. Yes,  I said the weather. Over the last month or so the weather has changed almost everyday and our clothes have too. We’ve went from the winter coat and shoes to shorts and sandals. And I know everybody is enjoying the good weather while we have it but let’s not forget we do have a dress code we have to follow. As we all know our dress code states:

  • No tops, blouses or dresses which reveal a bare shoulder will be allowed
  • You can only break out the shades with the permission of a principal upon the recommendation of a doctor or health official
  • And outerwear including hats and jackets is not to be worn in school.

And just to stay on the safe side,  the student dress code is located in the beginning of our planners. I know that because I’ve also tried to break the rules by wearing pajamas to school and you know what, that didn’t work out. All we have is a little over a month til’ we’re out for the summer and we can really let loose, So let’s just go to class and get the work done. Because I know nobody wants to be stuck in summer school. 


Edsel,  it’s time for me to sign off but, I want to hear from you.  Yes, you! I want to know what’s hot on your mp3 and if it’s really hot it may end up on What’s Up. If you have any topics you think I should talk about on the show or any other suggestions, there’s  a suggestion box located right when you walk into  the


Edsel, I am committed to bringing relevant interviews and news stories to the table every time.  

So Edsel, When it’s 50 outside do you really need to break out the shorts, I’m just saying.  Peace. 

Thanks for listening Edsel Ford. Have a great day!