Edsel Ford High School

Daily News for Feb. 8th

Good morning Edsel Ford. Today is Friday, February 8th, and these are your daily announcements. 

Students:  Monday, February 18th is official count day.  Please make sure you attend all of your classes. Every face in Edsel is most precious! 

Those of you who did not receive or send Valentine’s Day cards and flowers can still buy flowers at both lunches for $1.00 and still have a chance to give it to your Valentine’s Day sweetheart or friends! 

Any girls interested in joining the tennis team should attend a brief meeting in the cafeteria today after school. The meeting should last no more than a half hour. 

There will be a short Drama Club meeting today in room A3.  Topics include fundraising, replacing the secretary, and upcoming auditions.   Everyone is welcome. 

Senior party tickets will be on sale every Wednesday during lunch.   Tickets are 55 dollars. 

Attentions girls: If you plan on trying out for the soccer team, there will be conditioning Monday thru Thursday beginning at 3:00. 

Attentions juniors: If you are interested in becoming a member of the EF Report Live Broadcast Crew; please come to the

Center for an application. Applications will be accepted throughout February.

Students: After school tutoring is now being offered. You must sign in between 2:15 and 2:25 and stay for an hour. Tutoring is being offered for Math, Science and Language Arts. Please see Mrs. McAuliff in the link crew office upstairs for more information. 

Today’s lunch menu will consist of grilled cheese sandwich, French fries, tomato soup, hamburgers, sherbet ice cream, tossed salad, spicy fries, Stromboli’s, crispy treats and homemade cinnamon squares. 

Today’s Sports are as follows: Girls Varsity Gymnastics has their division meet at home tonight at 7:00pm. 

Today’s Random Fact: In 2006, over 5000 teenagers died in car crashes and 400,000 passengers are injured in accidents every year. 

Thanks for listening Edsel Ford.   Have a great day.